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Relaxing Bath and Towel Dry

Treat your best friend with a deep cleansing bath using Melanie Newmans Salon Essential’s Range which are filled with high quality all natural ingredients and essential oils then finish off with a towel dry and pawdicure. Great for short coated breeds in our summer months


Tiny $20 Small $25 Medium $30 

Large $40 Giant $50

Beauty Bath and Fluff Dry

Pamper your pooch with a warm relaxing bath soaking in the all natural Melanie Newman’s Salon Essentials which will leave you dogs coat looking and feeling soft and silky, followed by a fluff dry and nail clip.


Short Coat Breeds

Tiny Dog $23  Small Dog $27.50       

Medium Dog $35  Large Dog $45   

Giant Dog $55

Long Coat Breeds        Tiny $25 Small $30 Medium $40 Large $50 Giant $60

Double Coated Deshed

This Service is perfect for Double Coated Breeds such as Huskeys, Border Collies, Pomeranians and all other double coated breeds, that need a little more attention than a simple bath and blow dry. This service includes a bath and blow out to remove any dead and loose undercoat, blow dry and thorough brush out. We recommend that all double coated breeds should have this treatment every 4 weeks to keep their coat in great condition, to prevent matting of the under coat and to insure they can insulate themselves properly.These breeds should not be clipped.


Short Coat Breeds 

Tiny Dog $30 Small Dog $35            Medium Dog $40 Large Dog $60 Giant Dog $70

Long Coat Breeds  Tiny $35          Small $40 Medium $60 Large $70 Giant $90

Maggie's Luxury Spa Package

Indulge your dog with Maggie’s favourite spa treatment, your dog will leave the salon smelling fantastic, feeling super relaxed and pampered. We start with warm pampering bath including a body massage using activated charcoal dogscrub and a blueberry facial, followed by a warm fluff dry and brush to make your dog look their very best. Then we finish with a Luxury Pawdicure to soothe and moisturise dry and tired paw pads. All topped of with a stylish bow.

Does NOT include haircut


Tiny $40, Small $50, Medium $60,   Large $70, Giant $80

Face and Feet Styling

Spoil your doggy to a beautiful tidy up, we will begin with a warm pampering bath with Melanie Newman’s Salon Essentials which will leave your dog looking and feeling squeaky clean followed by a fluff dry and nail clip. We will then clean the hair from the paw pads and sanitary area, then style your doggies face and feet. This is a great option for in between haircuts and for in the colder months.

Tiny $40 Small $50 Medium $60 Large $70 Giant $80


Tiny $40 Small $50 Medium $60 Large $70 Giant $80

Haircut and Style

Your puppy will leave the salon looking like a movie star after having a haircut and style at Maggie’s. This includes a relaxing bath with Melanie Newman Salon Essentials filled with essential oils and all natural ingredients, followed by a fluff dry and nail clip. Then the best part begins, full styling of your dogs coat, choose an easy maintainence cut for all those beach babes, breed specific styling for a classic look or even try something stylish like an Asian Fushion style for the fashionistas !

Tiny $55-$65 Small $66-$75 Medium $77-$85 Large $90-$100 Giant $110-$120


Tiny $55-$65, Small $66-$75,  Medium $77-$85,                       Large $90-$100,  Giant $110-$120

Pawdicures and Extras


Nail Clip from $15

Nail Clip and File from $20

Nail Polish add $10

Luxury Pawdicure, nail clip, file & moisturising paw treatment $25


Flea Shampoo add $5

Malaseb Shampoo add $5

Difficult Dog Surcharge $20

per half hour extra

Matted Dog Surcharge from $20



Luxury Spa Add on

Blueberry Facial

add $5 to any groom – treat you dog to some extra pampering, the blueberry facial deeply cleans your dogs face whilst its aroma helps to relax your dog, it includes a a facial massage and its is especially good for bulldogs and other breeds that tend to get tear stains and dirty beards. Through regular use you will start to notice that your pet's face becomes fluffier and able to stay cleaner longer thanks to its rich levels of vitamins A, D & E

Melanie Newman Charcoal Scrub

add $5 to any groom,

naturally removes toxins from your dogs coat with activated charcoal without damaging the natural oils in the coat.



Colourful Ears and Tail

Add some colour to your Dogs Ears and or Tail. The dye we use is designed for dogs and will not harm them, colour can last a few months depending on lifestyle and coat type,

You can choose the colours,

1-2 colours $20,

3-4 colours $30,

just ask what colours are available