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Lets start your dogs journey back to holistic health!
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Do You Struggle With:

Knowing what to feed your dog to keep them happy & healthy?

Keeping your dog in the correct weight range?

Grooming your dog at home?

Your dog having skin sensitivities?

Your dogs dental health?

We are Here to Help

We understand what it is like to want to be the best dog owner you can be! You no longer have to worry as we have done the research for you, so now its easy to be a great dog owner and easy to access the information you need.

This is why we created Maggie’s Dog Wellness.

What is Maggie’s Dog Wellness?

An information hub for dog wellness including food and nutrition, supplements, relationship and grooming.
A store where we have made all the important decisions for you, where you can buy the best treats available on the market as well as a range of health and skin care products designed and made by Lisa and Stephen.
A place for you to ask questions, show off your best friend and get ideas on how to look after them.

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Give your dog a happier and healthier life by increasing your knowledge and confidence.

  • To help your dog live a longer life.
  • Save money on vet bills.
  • Help your dog have healthier skin, eyes, coat and teeth.
  • Be more confident as a dog owner.
  • Understand the best ways to keep your dog well and what the best nutrition is for them.
  • Learn simple easy tips and tricks to make your life easier.

How it works


Find the best products for your dog


Get involved, watch the videos and be part of the community


You will love the feeling of knowing you are doing the right thing by your best friend

We know that you want the best for your dog. Let’s face it, they’re not just a dog, they’re part of the family and your best friend and you want to make sure they are happy and healthy.

Stephen and Lisa know what they’re talking about:

  • Lisa was a vet nurse working with animals for over 14 years
  • Both own and operate Maggie’s dog cafe
  • Both have a certificate in Advanced Canine Nutrition
  • Have over 1,500 clients
  • Contestant on “Pooch Perfect”
  • Both love dogs more than life
We were so impressed with the workshop and Lisa’s generosity with her time and expertise. We left with new skills and confidence in caring for our puppy’s coat, nails and teeth. It was a great hands on session with plenty of individual attention and the opportunity to ask and learn about all things dog related. Billie loved the extra pampering too!

Highly recommend it to all

Tricia Neithe

Lisa’s Dietary Advice for my 10 year old West Highland Terrier was spot on and we will be forever grateful !

Brodie had suddenly developed skin problems coupled with a persistent yeast infection in his right ear that had local vets perplexed. Lisa suggested stopping certain foods and recommended a food product that was more suitable for wee dogs with sensitive skin.

The results were immediate and spectacular and Brodie hasn’t looked back.

Thank you Lisa
Highly recommend it to all

Mark Taylor Sawtell